PACS Super Bowl

Today is the most anticipated sports day of the year. The National Football League is featuring the 42 Annual Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Both teams have outstanding records this season but only one team can earn the title Super Bowl XLII Champions.

Similar to the NFL, the PACS world has 30 plus professional teams (vendors). Each year these IT and Healthcare vendors compete to earn the title for the best PACS. Several criteria are considered when choosing the best PACS including; features and functionality, workflow, integration and of course price. The criteria for choosing the best PACS are subjective and depend on the size and needs of a particular organization.

Regardless of the type and size of the facility selecting a PACS, there are specific steps that should be taken during the system selection process. The selection process should begin with a detailed needs assessment to determine the top 5 or 6 vendors that can meet your needs. This is followed by a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) including price quotations. The competition continues with a comparative analysis of the RFP’s and quotes to determine the finalists. Next the 2 to 3 vendors who make it through the RFP process are required to attend a series of on site demonstrations including a face-off where the systems are judged side by side. (PACS Super Bowl)

In the end the system selection process will produce the best PACS vendor for your specific needs. This process is not as exciting as the NFL Playoffs or the Super Bowl but can be just as competitive and is a required process to determine your PACS champion. Who is your PACS Super Bowl Champion? Why?

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