OptimizeHealth launches IT outsourcing service for LTC

OptimizeHealth, Dallas, is launching a new technology outsourcing service that lets senior care facilities operators focus on patient care and stop worrying about their computers systems, software and other productivity technology.

For a monthly fee, OptimizeHealth delivers the expertise facilities operators need to reliability manage, support and enhance their technology, including phone service. Customers get 24x7x365 access to highly-skilled technical experts as well as a cost-effective set of solutions to efficiently run their facilities with stable, current technologies.

Greg Nicholas, OptimizeHealth’s Managing Partner, said the outsourcing service, known as MSP (Managed Service Provider) in the industry, saves money, enhances security and reduces downtime while providing services and technology beyond the budget and capability of most senior care facility operators.

“We first save our clients money by eliminating wasteful spending discovered in our initial technology review,” Nicholas said in a press release. “Then, we find bulk discounts on equipment, hardware, network, data, and voice lines wherever possible. Finally, we continually seek out the best pricing for cloud-based and traditional tools and technologies. Best of all, after using our MSP services for a while, staff productivity usually rises because we’ve made technology easier to use, more reliable and better supported.”

OptimizeHealth created the new service because it saw a need to solve two problems that negatively impact the quality of care at acute, post-acute and long-term care facilities–outdated, unreliable technology and obstacles to fully staffing an IT organization with all the skills and know-how needed to meet today’s strategic, business and regulatory needs.

“The complexity of healthcare technology is raising anxiety levels among long-term care owners and operators,” Nicholas said. “The pressure is on to meet demands and embrace new technologies at predictable cost and acceptable risk. It’s an even bigger burden to keep up with new technologies, like connected care, and to stay competitive, secure and compliant. The OptimizeHealth Managed Service Provider (MSP) service allows our customers to overcome the challenges by putting IT in the hands of experts.”

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