OPTIMA Award: Lucky Number 13

Attentive visitors of this Web site may have noticed a sudden flurry of activity around one feature, called the OPTIMA Award. It’s our 13th annual such competition, and I’m thinking it’ll be a lucky 13. That’s because this year we are seeking more OPTIMA competitors than ever—and we’re encouraging one of them to be you. If you have a staff-developed program that you’re proud of and you can document its effectiveness, we want to hear from you. See the OPTIMA Award Guidelines to get you started.


Personally, I’m proud of this competition that we started in 1996. Even today, it remains a unique exercise in facility and staff recognition. The winning entries gain national recognition and stature; runners-up achieve national publication in our magazine as well. But it’s the ceremonies for the winners that I find to be one of the most satisfying things I do all year.


The OPTIMA Award trophy is presented at the winning facility itself, with top management and numerous staffers present. Attendance includes local dignitaries—political leaders, neighboring medical institutions, staff family and friends, newspaper reporters and, yes, state surveyors. Owner/operators convey congratulations to their staffs. Administrators perform as proud masters of ceremony. People who don’t normally get named for their achievements get named. There are smiles all around.


With any luck, I’ll be joining you at one of these great events this September.

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