OnShift releases software to improve LTC employee engagement

OnShift wants to reduce employee turnover.

OnShift announced the release of OnShift Engage to increase staff satisfaction and employee engagement to improve organizational performance. The software will complement the company’s suite of cloud-based human capital management software to use employee shift, attendance and performance data from OnShift Schedule and other workforce management systems to help management identify high- and low-performing employees and proactively intervene as necessary.

“The workforce issues that long-term care and senior living providers face have become incredibly intense, many of which stem from a workforce that is simply not engaged,” says OnShift CEO Mark Woodka in a press release. “OnShift Engage is a monumental step toward helping providers advance a culture and environment where employees feel valued, actively work toward the goals of the organization and ultimately stay with the employer long-term.”

OnShift Engage targets core aspects of employee and team engagement through new hire tracking, employee performance reporting, satisfaction surveys, recognition and rewards system and improved communication.


Topics: Staffing , Technology & IT , Training