One aspect of life


If you could change one aspect of resident life, what would it be?

Resident Gertrude G.
“I want my freedom and independence. You all treat me like I am a princess here at Peninsula Care, but I miss my freedom—my apartment that I lived in for 51 years.”

Resident Viola

New Eastwood Care & Rehabilitation Center

Pennsylvania “I would not change anything about my life at New Eastwood. The environment is very comfortable and the people are very good—hearted and caring. I feel that I made the right decision to make New Eastwood a home for my husband, Frank, and myself.”

Resident Gertrude L.

Signature HealthCARE of Palm Beach


“If I could change one thing in resident life, I would say I would like more evening activities and more cultural diversity in our selection of meals. Oh yes, and more bingo; you can never have enough bingo.”

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