Of kin and long-term care


“Family” is not a term that I use lightly. To me, the concept of family goes beyond those who I’m related to by birth or marriage but includes dear friends and colleagues. In my work here at Long-Term Living, we are like family. We work together, solve problems together, enjoy each other and aspire to achieve the same goals that serve you—our readers.


In publishing, in long-term care, in life, everyone brings something to the table. From the receptionist to the administrator, by sharing talents, imagination and compassion you strive to provide the best care and opportunities to each and every resident in your family. And one of the most treasured aspects of this familial bond is based on appreciation and respect.


The Health Care Council of Illinois (HCCI) recognized dedicated, caring staff as long-term care “heroes” in celebrating National Nursing Home Week this past May. The HCCI awarded certificates to recognized staff in a variety of business and clinical/caregiving categories.


Among those categories that recognized the business, administration and ancillary leaders that keep the organization running are: Administrators, Business/HR/Office Management, Concierges, Laundry/Environmental Services, Receptionists and others. On the clinical/caregiving side, Nurses, Activities, CNAs/Restorative Aides/CNA Team Leaders and DONs were recognized for outstanding contributions and selflessness.


Congratulations to all of the Illinois folks who make a difference. However, while awards are wonderful, not everyone gets one. Sometimes just acknowledging a job well done, making extra effort to let someone know you notice his or her extra effort, is an award and a reward that works both ways.


Have a happy and safe Fourth!


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