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New NLRB Rules would Accelerate Union Elections

June 22, 2011
by root
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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to correct what it terms “flaws” in its regulations, has proposed new rules that would speed up union elections.

The proposals seek to shorten the period for pre- and post-election procedures, eliminate wasteful litigation and take full advantage of the benefits of modern communications technology.

Most union elections occur 45 to 60 days after signatures are gathered. The NLRB amendments would allow unions to disseminate information more quickly and hold secret-ballot elections sooner than before, giving employers less time to dissuade representation votes.

Dissenting NLRB member Brian Hayes said: “Without any attempt to identify particular problems in cases where the process has failed, the majority [NLRB members] has announced its intent to provide a more expeditious preelection process and a more limited postelection process that tilts heavily against employers’ rights to engage in legitimate free speech and to petition the government for redress.”

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