Muses Labs, Metabolon to study early-onset cognitive decline at molecular level

Muses Labs, Raleigh, N.C., has partnered with Metabolon, a Research Triangle Park-based biotechnology research company, to take a closer look at how dementia begins at the cellular level. The joint effort will use clinical trials to explore new precision medicine treatment protocols for memory care, especially for early-onset dementia, using a field called metabolomics.

Metabolomics, the study of how a person’s metabolites interact with the body’s biochemisty and genes, can help researchers learn how to create person-specific treatments to slow cognitive decline, says Vik Chandra, CEO of Muses Labs.  By combining information from a person’s genome, blood tests, medical history and lifestyle, “Metabolomics has the potential to significantly expand the effectiveness of combination therapy protocols for Alzheimer’s and other complex diseases,” Chandra said in the partnership announcement.

The partnership will build on Muses Labs’ MEND Protocol, which can be used to identify the various risk factors and pathology drivers of cognitive decline.

The new data uncovered by the partnership’s upcoming research may lead to a better understanding of how a person’s specific pathologies can affect the effectiveness of treatments, added Metabolon CEO John Ryals, PhD. “We’re working together to expand the knowledge we can apply toward overcoming Alzheimer’s disease,” he said. “Metabolomics may help answer questions that surround complex, neurodegenerative diseases and refine personalized treatment.”

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