Mining databases for Alzheimer’s disease drug treatments

Evotec AG, a German pharmaceutical research company that uses a proprietary database to uncover novel disease drug targets, and the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in California, announced November 8 that they will collaborate to identify new targets for Alzheimer's disease drug discovery and development.

Under the terms of the agreement, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., a part of Johnson & Johnson, and Evoteck will work together to identify new drug targets and novel approaches to treating Alzheimer's disease. The joint effort is being called "TargetAD."

Research funding will be provided by Janssen who will have the opportunity to select targets and therapeutic candidates, then progress them into pre-clincial and clinical development.

Upon reaching agreed-upon milestones, Janssen will reimburse Evotec for FTE-based research costs and also will make pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial payments. Evotec will receive royalties on sales of future products developed under this collaboration.

In a statement made at the time of the agreement, Dr. Cord Dohrmann, chief scientific officer at Evotec, said, "The TargetAD alliance provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to the discovery of novel drug AD targets which leverages Evotec's strength in neuroscience discovery with Janssen's pre-clinical and clinical drug development capabilities for the discovery of novel treatments for Alzheimer's disease."


Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia , Technology & IT