Maddox NBD, Inc., Pathways Center for Alzheimer’s Care

Pathways Center for Alzheimer’s Care – Springfield, Ohio
Maddox NBD, Inc. – Dublin, Ohio
Type of Facility/Setting: Special Care/CCRC

Facility Contact: Claudia Jones, Administrator

Firm: Maddox NBD, Inc., (614) 764-3800

Design Team: Gary Kaiser, Interior Designer; Ann Davis, Landscape Architect (Maddox NBD, Inc.); Bird & Bull, Civil Engineer; Jezerwac-Geers & Associates, Structural Engineer; McMullen Engineering Company, Inc., Mechanical/Electrical Engineer

Photography: Brad Feinknopf, Feinknopf Photography

Resident Capacity: 60 units

Space/Resident (sq. ft.): 790

Total Area (sq. ft.): 47,451

Total Cost (excluding land): $6.1 million

Cost/Sq. Ft.: $128.55

Completion: March 2000

Pathways Center for Alzheimer’s Care is licensed for skilled nursing care and is divided into four villages with each village housing 15 resi-dents. Each household contains ap-proximately 10,000 square feet and has been designed to have its own identity and encourage family-like interaction among staff and residents. All residents have private bedrooms and can go directly from their bedrooms to the living room, dining room, family room or kitchen. Each village also has its own courtyard.

Inside, cove lighting provides consistent, nonglare illumination. There is also access to natural lighting through windows that look out onto the courtyard. In each village there is ample room for the person with dementia to walk, “wander” and explore in a safe and secure setting. Chairs, sofas, rocking chairs and tables are in small group settings. There is space for active groups-music, exercise, singing and conversation-as well as quiet areas for more passive activities.

Pathways Center has its own kitchens. Meals are served in a family-style setting to allow enough flexibility to meet the special dining needs of the person with dementia. The core area contains the porte cochere, entry parlor and the central kitchen, with a finishing kitchen in each household.

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