LTL reader has strong words for care home owners

A reader named Lola recently brought up a zealous—if not unrestrained—personal commentary on how she views the current state of long-term care by posting on Long-Term Living’s Facebook page. Here is a condensed version of her statement:

“As a Social Service Director of a nursing home or Health and Rehabilitation home of 125 residents, I learned that the nursing home does not serve all the needs of the elderly and disabled. There are many low income nursing assistants who are in rooms abusing the residents and not taken care of the daily needs of the resident. I learned that nursing home RN supervisors never walk in a resident’s room. These nursing supervisors sit in a conference room and write care notes without ever seeing the resident; so to meet Medicare and Medicaid standard surveys only. The problems could be solved if more administrators would hire enough personnel to cover the needs of their residents. Many long term care places need to stop cheating the resident to save money for the owner while he travels around in his private jet.”

Although I am inclined to comment on this boldly outspoken stance, I’ll leave the discussion up to other LTL readers. I encourage you to go to LTL’s Facebook wall (click here) to read the rest of Lola’s viewpoint, then join to add your own thoughts to this conversation.

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