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Cue cards to break down language barrier

Nursing home psychologist Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD, discusses in a recent blog posting how a free online resource helped change a facility’s care delivery. View the entire post at

An excerpt:

In a staff meeting the other day, the social worker mentioned her new resident was having difficulty because he didn’t speak any English. It was arranged that the director of the Dietary Department would go up to act as translator.

“I know a Web site where you can get language cue cards with health-related words on them,” I told the team.

Following the meeting, the social worker and I went to the computer and pulled up the link to Eastern Health: Health-Related Language Cue Cards.

“What language do you need?” I asked her, looking at a list of more than 60 languages ranging from Italian, Spanish, and German to Ukranian, Farsi, Swahili, and Japanese.


A few seconds later the pages printed out and were at the 4th floor nursing station within the hour.

An example of one of the many diverse cue card sheets available in 65 languages from eastern health. view barbera's full blog posting to get the direct link to these cue card downloads
An example of one of the many diverse cue card sheets available in 65 languages from Eastern Health. View Barbera’s full blog posting to get the direct link to these cue card downloads

Readers say… the Long-Term Living Web site is featuring a new poll every Monday. Here are the results from a recent poll:

Do you support healthcare reform legislation in its current state?

Reader Comments:

“Our country has not enough money for this.”

“I support a broad public option and am disappointed that this element has been eviscerated from the current bill.”

“How about dealing with fraud and tort reform?!”

“Along with the impact healthcare reform will have on our residents and long-term care, I cannot support this legislation until the abortion issue is more clearly defined.”


Scholarship Program

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