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Regarding smoking in your facility:

Reader comments:

“I have worked in a couple of different facilities that have banned smoking and what happened was people found an area off of premises to smoke and it did not decrease the numbers of smokers. But it increased dissatisfaction with the job.”

“It’s inexcusable to allow smoking anywhere near an environment that is affiliated with promoting health.”

“We have banned residents. Employees are still allowed to smoke 25 feet from the building in a smoking canopy we have in the back lot.”



Crafting a revolution In addressing the future of aging services, one care provider calls for a collective uprising.

On September 27, 2007, hundreds of people gathered to carry out The Aging Revolution. Before you start imagining a mutinous cohort of elders, keep in mind this revolution was one that was up for discussion. Appropriately called a “summit” and conducted by Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL), a retirement community developer and operator based in Philadelphia, The Aging Revolution brought together aging services professionals and providers to debate senior housing, medical technology, and ethics. It was successful enough to warrant a second assembly this year on September 25, says Jeff Petty, president and CEO of WEL.

‘Settling in’ team transitions smooth moves at La Posada

In the summer of 2003, the La Posada continuing care retirement community in Green Valley, Arizona, finished the construction of a 153-unit independent living facility. All La Posada had left to do was begin populating it by transferring 90 families across its campus.

La Posada took on this task by creating a “settling in” team to facilitate the large move in a timely and organized manner.

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