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Do you believe Obama, if elected president, could deliver on his healthcare reform promises? Log on and cast your vote at

Reader comments:

“He will be fighting Congress and special interests every step of the way. This will dilute or totally negate any changes he may wish to make. Unless and until reforms in the congressional area are achieved, no real changes will be seen.”

“He can deliver on much of this if he can figure out a way to get beyond the drug lobby in this country and other special interests. Americans need to learn to pay for the services we need through taxes and personal contributions over a lifetime, just like social security.”



Cyber Café bridges cultures, technology

In 2002, when a young graduate student asked seniors at St. Barnabas Senior Services in Los Angeles if they would like to learn to use computers, she found no takers. The executive director told her to regroup and consider adult learning theory. The prevailing idea about adult learning is that adults will learn what is immediately relevant to them and/or helps them solve problems.

So the student asked the seniors a different question: “Would you like to read today’s newspaper from your hometown—free of charge?” The response was surprise, curiosity, and invariably, “yes!”

Questioning Obama’s Healthcare Reform: What He Plans for America’s Elderly

While his healthcare reform ideas—a selling point in the eyes of some pundits—might have inspired voters, American LTC providers must be wondering: What “change” does Obama propose for stressed long-term care?

In November 2007, the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations mailed out a survey, comprised of 15 questions on national aging issues, to Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns. Obama’s responses cover ensuring the financial stability of Medicare, financing LTC services, and creating affordable senior housing, among other topics.

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