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As part of your resident activity offerings, does your facility offer consistent local community involvement?

Reader comments:

  • We have elementary students who come in to assist residents with bingo. Also, there are other civic organizations that do the same. Many come in over the holidays for caroling; various churches come in to host the monthly birthday parties for the residents.

  • We constantly have community volunteers-teens and retired persons-that come in and interact with our residents. The residents enjoy the intergenerational contacts. Additionally, we have volunteers come in with animals and interact with pet therapy.


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The Hunks of Greenspring

The Greenspring Retirement Community of Springfield, Va. made a stir last year when releasing the 2008 Ladies of Greenspring calendar, which raised $40,000 for the community’s Benevolent Care Program. Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, 15 gentlemen shed their Sunday best for 2009’s calendar, unabashedly inheriting the title Hunks of Greenspring, and set their fundraising goal at $50,000.

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