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Something good about nursing homes

Gary M. Riffe, administrator of Hi-Acres Manor Nursing Center in Jamestown, North Dakota, tells LTL Blogger Eleanor Feldman Barbera about two of his facility’s uplifting programs. Through a writing class, residents express themselves with friends and family; and by fulfilling wishes, resident dreams become reality.

Readers say… the Long-Term Living Web site is featuring a new poll every Monday. Here are the results from a recent poll:

What are your feelings on flu vaccinations for long-term care staff?

Reader comments:

  • “Staff working in LTC need flu vaccinations so their residents are not inadvertently contaminated, thus becoming ill.”

  • “Vaccines have not been trialed enough so there are unanswered risks.”

  • “We had our medical director provide education for all staff, which cleared up many myths about the flu shot. Our vaccination rate for staff doubled last year as a result, and we had no confirmed cases of the flu amongst our resident population that winter.”

Long-Term Living 2009 November;58(11):4

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