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Assessing my parents’ housing prospects

A personal account of the senior housing search by Amy Foster Trenz

While I sat in the day-and-a-half summit session on advanced sales and marketing for senior housing, my parents were sitting in their beachfront condominium just two miles south of the conference hotel. My parents, who will turn 85 next month, are recent full-time Florida residents after spending the last 20 years splitting their time and lives between the Midwestern town of my youth and Naples.

They’ve both victoriously battled cancerous cells, but in hindsight those occurrences appear to be anomalies. Overall, their health has been remarkably good: healthy eaters, avid exercisers, mental fortitude.

Until recently.

(Editor’s note: Trenz, a marketing expert, recounts the senior housing search for her parents as the increasingly important baby-boomer decision maker. Based on her firsthand experience, she sees what is and is not working with senior housing marketing. Read the full story here:


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