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If potential Medicare/Medicaid cuts go through, our major area of cost cuts will be in:

Reader comments:

“Every nook and cranny of operations will be cut-including capital projects.”

“We can’t cut staff anymore; it’s already unsafe. Otherwise I think everyone in nursing may just walk out. I can’t blame them. Maybe they need to cut some of the micromanagement from the state and federal level. Enough is enough.”



Can person-centered care be saved?

Person-centered care, a part of the culture change movement in long-term care, has been called an “attitude,” a “transformation,” and a “gold standard of care,” and its popularity is sweeping through the long-term care industry. Already, it is the biggest thing in assisted living marketing since the term homelike.

Unfortunately, like many popular trends, the concept of person-centered care is already being watered down and overused.

Long-Term Living 2009 June;58(6):6

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