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Loox LED (light-emitting diode) system from Häfele America Company, uses a universal worldwide power system where switches, lights and drivers are “plug and play.” The identification system for the operating system (12v, 24v or 350mA) allows the user to refer to color-coded symbols rather than a specific plug. Not only does the Loox LED system bring design flexibility, but it is affordable, UL listed, allows 50,000 hours of lamp life, lower power consumption and does not require an electrician.

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Stylex, a company offering premiere seating solutions has launched a seating collection designed to meet the demands of today’s healthcare environments. Foundation Healthcare was designed carefully alongside healthcare clients to facilitate use by less mobile patients. The line includes three models, a love seat, a guest chair and a bariatric chair, which are all available in any of Stylex’s in-graded fabrics. This refined seating concept balances aesthetics, value and user comfort and durability.

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Gendron’s Sentinel II Bariatric Low Bed has a 9.75 low deck height for falls. It features a keypad-controlled, four-wheel, electric central lock, which ensures that wheels are locked for patient safety and eliminates the need to search for the wheel lock pedal when the patient and mattress are on the sleep surface. For convenience and ease of use, caregiver and patient controls are embedded in the head and side rails.

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Ever-Safe provides workers with medical and safety apparel featuring antimicrobial and fluid-resistant properties. Made in the USA, the Ever-Safe socks have been tested on people who are on their feet for long periods of time. These polyester socks are antimicrobial (for odor and bacterial control) and moisture wicking in addition to providing cushioning and support. They are available in men’s and women’s sizes. Styles include over the calf, crew, quarters and no-show. Ever-Safe also features a diabetic and pink sock line.

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Maytag Commercial Laundry’s Energy Advantage 75-pound On-Premises Dryers feature moisture-sensing technology, improved airflow for faster drying times, and a reverse-tumble that reduces dry times on large items such as sheets, blankets and comforters. The tempered glass door and solid dryer drum keep warm air in the drum, forcing more heated air through the load. This dryer also comes with microprocessor controls, allowing operators to preprogram drying times, temperature and cool-down time. Multilingual readouts make controls easy for everyone to operate. The Sensor-Activated Fire Extinguishing (S.A.F.E.) System, which detects a fire in the dryer, douses it with water and alerts the user that a fire has been extinguished, is standard on this dryer.

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The IllumaGrip Assist Handle by elio provides LED safety lighting while offering necessary support in assistance applications. The brushed nickel end caps mount securely to withstand weight constraints. Available in a variety of decors, multiple lengths, and rated for wet conditions, the 0.42 low-wattage IllumaGrip aids in wayfinding to reduce falls and increase patient safety.

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HD Supply Facilities Maintenance has released its 2011 Healthcare catalog, featuring a broader selection of products to meet resident care needs. There is an expanded selection of housekeeping supplies including cleaning supplies, paper products and lines specifically designed for the healthcare industry. The catalog is divided into six major product categories: Therapy and Fitness, Healthcare and Wellness, Furnishings, Common and Public Areas, Housekeeping and Janitorial, and Maintenance and Repair.

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Invacare’s TheraPure tubs are powered by SANIJET® pipeless technology, allowing the caregiver to easily remove up to 99.9 percent of infectious bacteria in about five minutes. TheraPure tubs meet NSF International’s demanding hospital-grade disinfection standards.

Pipeless jets create less noise than piped or air bubble tubs, and bath oils can be added without concern of residue buildup, for a more relaxing spa experience for the resident. Easy for to use, TheraPure tubs feature auto-fill and auto shut-off and intuitive controls, including an integrated lever to control water pressure directly from the shower wand.

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The Low Bed 800 from Big Boyz Industries, Inc., was designed for long-term care use. The low position eliminates the fear of injury and it is restraint free. The Convertible feature allows for easy transfer through doorways with an overall width of 40-¾ and a patient weight capacity 1,000 lbs. The bed is fully electric with multiple positions (Trendelenberg, Reverse Trendelenberg and Cardio Chair). Optional accessories (heavy-duty ½ rails, extended length 6, bed-mounted trapeze, scale, battery backup, assist grab bar and nurse lock-out) are available.

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The Squeegee Head Brush from Kaivac, Inc., is a practical accessory that combines two tools in one. It integrates Kaivac’s existing squeegee vacuum head with a heavy-duty bristled floor brush, which eliminates time changing tools while wet vacuuming floors. It is suitable for cleaning trouble spots on restroom and kitchen floors. The brush is easy to use and the system easily reaches under low obstacles to clean hard-to-reach areas.

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Continental Girbau’s Logi Pro Control is available in its 20-pound capacity E-Series Washers and the complete lineup of M-Series Washer Extractors. The Logi Pro features up to six programmable water levels; delayed start and rinse options; overnight soak; cycle lockout; variable wash action; programmable extract speeds, including zero rotation; temperature-controlled fill up to 194 degrees; and timed chemical dosing by the second. The Logi Pro also features Rinse Hold and Delay Start functions.

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The Global Industries’ Primacare furniture collection features solid hardwood frames with metal to metal connectors. Additional features include built-in lumbar support, wallsaver legs and removable upholstery for easy cleaning and replacement. The Primacare series includes more than 40 models-from patient rooms to waiting areas, dining rooms to treatment centers and bariatric applications.

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GF Health Products has introduced the Lumex® Fast Alert Patient Alarm Series that notifies staff that a resident has moved. Powered by one 9V battery, these units are designed to alarm when used on a chair or bed. Each unit features an attached clip, dual volume settings and is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

The GF13700 features an alligator clip that attaches to the user’s clothing. When the user gets up, the adjustable cord pulls from the alarm and activates an audible alarm. The GF13701 and GF13702 alarms feature a 0 to 2-second delay function for restless users, a protective boot to prevent damage if the unit is dropped, off switch, and low battery indicator.

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MEDIHONEY® dressings, containing active

Leptospermum honey from New Zealand, are honey-based dressing for the management of hard-to-heal wounds and burns. Derma Sciences’ MEDIHONEY® Gel is a new product that is blended with natural gelling agents and dispensed from a tube to the wound site. It maintains its physical integrity in the presence of wound fluid, body heat and throughout the healing process.

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Medication errors are a leading threat to resident safety in the LTC setting. By industrializing the medication delivery process, Remedi SeniorCare® provides safety and accuracy with the Paxit® Med Pass Solution. Prepared and tracked at the pill level for each resident, medications undergo a six-point verification process with doses individually packed and bar-coded. Facilities can save up to 15% on medication costs and nurses can save an average of 25 minutes off their med passes.

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DM Systems’ HeelSafe DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) graduated compression hosiery features a patented window design that relieves pressure on the heel and Achilles tendon, while allowing for easy visualization and palpation of the heel.

HeelSafe DVT Hose is latex-free and available in knee-high or thigh-high lengths in multiple sizes to accommodate all patients. HeelSafe DVT Hose are suitable for patients at risk for venous pooling and thrombosis, those who have a history of heel ulcers, patients with limited mobility and others.

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Biodex Medical Systems has introduced FreeStep SAS (

Supported Ambulation System) to provide patients with ambulation support during rehab activities. An overhead track and harness system designed for patient and therapist safety, the FreeStep SAS is suitable for any facility working with stroke, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, nursing home residents or others suffering from balance and gait disabilities. FreeStep SAS provides a safe ambulation environment that removes the patient’s fear of falling.

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Alliance Laboratories offer Enemeez® and Enemeez® Plus mini-enemas to help regulate bowel care and decrease the risk of infections, reduce care time, and help to prevent pressure ulcers for bedridden residents and those patients with diagnoses such as spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and closed head injuries. Enemeez products offer no mucosa discharge, fewer incidents of incontinence, quick results and improved confidence and independence to enable residents to live a productive active lifestyle.

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The new ConvaTec Versiva® XC® dressing now has a thinner layer of adhesive, making it more conformable at its border. Greater conformability improves flexibility, which may enhance patient comfort. Because Versiva XC is thinner, it can improve patient confidence that the dressing will remain in place comfortably. It is designed to support improved healing periwound skin and provide increased comfort. The thinner Versiva XC is available in adhesive and nonadhesive options to manage chronic and acute wounds.

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Recently introduced by SUREHANDS Lift & Care Systems, the SUREHANDS shower/bath trolley is a battery-operated, height-adjustable mobile unit with adjustable sides for deep or shallow bathing. It is compatible with all SUREHANDS® lift systems. SUREHANDS offers safe patient lifting solutions to both users and caregivers.

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Dial’s new alcohol foaming hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs instantly and is free of dyes, fragrances and aerosols. It is dermatologist-tested, latex, non-latex and CHG-compatible. The nondrying formula provides lasting hydration. A clinical study showed it was at least five times more moisturizing than untreated skin and can visibly reduce the appearance of dry skin. It is available in a 15.2 oz tabletop pump and liter cartridges for manual or touch-free wall-mounted dispensers.

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EasyStand® StrapStand from Altimate Medical allows individuals with disabilities and the elderly to stand directly from their wheelchairs. The specially designed arms gently raise and then gradually pull the user into the standing position, minimizing pressure on the knee. A large padded lifting strap provides extra support while the user stands. EasyStand StrapStand offers 25 different support options and accessories. Tool-free adjustments and a modular base make this device ideal for use in rehab facilities, assisted living, and nursing homes.

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Care2Learn and The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) have partnered to offer an interactive, online version of the AALTCN’s popular Director of Nursing in Long Term Care Certification Program. Completing this certification program places you among the leaders who are improving the status and quality of long-term care nursing. This four-module online program covers administration, leadership, resident assessment and care, and creating a safe, caring culture.

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PalatiumCare® Wireless Nurse Call System from Crest Healthcare Supply is an expandable and easy-to-install system. A system starts with a kit consisting of a Server, Receiver and Power Supply with battery backup. The dedicated server connects to an existing LAN, allowing for as many access points as required-including off-site management. PalatiumCare fosters a homelike atmosphere by eliminating local alarms and lights using the Paging Transmitter and Staff Pagers to respond to help requests.

In addition to standard resident call devices like pendants, motion detectors, smoke alarms, door/window contacts, universal transmitters and more can be added. Receive reports ranging from full property summaries to individual resident reports.

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OptimumSeries’ Executive Dashboard from ADL Data Systems provides management with real-time views of critical financial, clinical and quality-of-care issues. Information is easily viewable across the entire enterprise. Graphic representations of data include: Revenue (bar graph of revenue totals by month), Aging (bar graph of revenue totals by future due dates), Occupancy Percentage (odometer of average occupancy over last 30 days and total vacancies), RUGS Breakdown (numeric indicator of default and reduced physical function; drill down by facility/label), Vital Signs (Numeric levels indicator of temperature, blood pressure, glucose, pulse and oxygen saturation), and more.

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Kenwood’s ProTalk® TK-3230 is a two-way walkie-talkie suitable for the long-term care environment. It is lightweight, compact and durable with 1.5 watts for greater coverage and a lithium battery for up to 14 hours of use per charge. The TK-3230 comes with a two-year warranty.

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ONLINE CARE PLANS is an online resource for care planning. This user-friendly system allows you to build comprehensive care plans in minutes; access, edit and update care plans anytime; and create an unlimited number of profiles with resident photos and demographics. Add first person and “I Format” to your care plan, too. This web-based system also allows one to produce customized and personalized high-quality care plans. Create a facility Care Plan Library. RobinTek’s allows one to manage care plans from anywhere with a Web connection.

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AOD Software’s integrated Answers solution is comprised of more than 45 integrated modules target to long-term care. The suite of modules is subdivided into solution families such as Clinical (EHR), Financial, Payroll & Human Resources, Operations Management, Resident Management, Rehab and more. The Answers suite of modules can run on iPad or Android. AOD has achieved HIPAA 5010 certification and has participated in CCHIT’s Pilot Test for Long-Term Care EHR.

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The HomeFree Personal Watcher is a dual-purpose functioning watch and radiofrequency transmitter that provides active and dignified monitoring for residents who are at risk for wandering. HomeFree’s new Personal Watcher incorporates a number of enhancements requested by customers including the ability to change batteries on-site and an improved strap design that is more durable and prevents tampering and/or unauthorized removal.

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Innovative Therapies, Inc. (ITI), is a medical device company specializing in advanced wound care. Its patented negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system, the SVED and Svedman Systems combine NPWT with proprietary simultaneous irrigation technology and advanced foam dressings to promote wound healing and patient comfort. ITI’s one-touch therapy feature allows the user to select and lock pressure settings with the touch of a button, saving steps and reducing the likelihood of entry error.

The ITI Wound Treatment System is easy to administer and suitable for any healthcare setting.

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Jeron Electronic Systems has added the 6865 Touchscreen Nurse Console to its Provider 680® nurse call system. It gives users full access to all the system features in a smaller, economic console that can either be wall mounted or used on a desk. The 6865 Touchscreen Nurse Console provides embedded technology for continuous operation, 5.7″ LCD touchscreen display with a long-life LED backlight, tactile buttons for the most common operations, a choice of handset or push-to-talk communication and more.

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OnShift provides web-based staff scheduling and shift management software for the healthcare industry. LTC providers use OnShift to reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, mitigating compliance risks through management to PPD staffing requirements and by increasing efficiencies through automated scheduling, instant call-off resolution and open-shift management. OnShift has an integrated communications platform and has proactive controls and predictive analytics that prevent staffing issues before they occur. OnShift software is easy to use and has the ability to deliver immediate ROI.

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The Clean Remote Universal TV remote control has tested to be 99 percent cleaner than standard remotes. In several studies, TV remotes have been revealed to be a leading carrier of bacteria in a patient’s room. Clean Remote’s flat nonporous surface makes it simple to clean and disinfect. In addition, the Clean Remote offers direct channel access (numbers 1-9 and 0) for easy operation. Battery-operated, Clean Remote also come in a Big Button version and these remotes work on more than 250 brands of TVs, including flat screens.

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