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EMR Software

Optimus EMR is the long-term care industry leader in providing comprehensive EMR, eCharting,eMAR, and Point-of-Care solutions. Optimus EMR is again raising the bar and delivering its industry-leading EMR application in a browser-based, Microsoft.Net architecture. This new system combines the functionality of Optimus EMR and the power of the Web.

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Durable Cabinet-Mount Lamp

Adjustable Fixture Co.’s Nightingale® SpaceSaver Cabinet-Mount Lamp is designed to mount to a cabinet or tabletop—freeing up nearly the entire surface for usable space. Engineered and built to withstand demanding bedside use, it has standard features such as a night-light, convenient outlet, and easy-to-clean durable lampshade. With Nightingale’s five-year extended warranty and ENERGY STAR rating available, you save on operating costs.

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Fast, Effective Equipment Washer

Medco Equipment, Inc.’s multipurpose portable equipment washer provides dramatic bacteria reduction. Independent lab documents 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash! Washes and sanitizes two wheelchairs in five minutes. It also cleans commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, window screens, etc. 1,300 customers worldwide are now sanitizing more than 1.5 million wheelchairs yearly! Free 30-day trial and delivery. Rent, lease-purchase, or purchase. It’s a portable dishwasher for wheelchairs, etc. All stainless steel. C/UL listed, 5-year wall-to-wall warranty. Seven-day delivery.

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Comfort. Convenience. Compliance.

Space Tables are fully adjustable and wheelchair accessible to accommodate the needs of each individual. Height adjustability enables every resident to dine with dignity. Proper table height protects resident health by reducing shoulder, arm, and neck strain, as well as boosting self-esteem. One person can adjust, tilt, and move Space Tables without lifting, saving staff time and preventing injury.

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Bathroom Odor Prevention

Just a Drop is a personal bathroom odor eliminator that creates a better environment for residents and staff. Unlike air fresheners that mask bathroom smells, Just a Drop suppresses odors at the source, eliminating unwanted bathroom smells before they enter the air. One drop put into the toilet bowl before use immediately creates a seal on the water surface that traps odors, which are then flushed away.

Featured on CNBC’s The Big Idea, Just a Drop is environmentally friendly with a fresh, minty fragrance.

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LTC Webinar Subscription

Choose from RAI-specific and LTC-related seminars. Attend up to six Webinars per year and train multiple staff at each online seminar. During the Webinar you will be given multiple opportunities to interact with the instructor to help ensure your overall understanding of the Webinar content. Training your staff has never been more convenient or affordable!

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