Look out for your community with this year’s census

Today, April 16, is the last day to mail your residents’ census forms in and avoid a visit from the census taker. Early on, did you remind residents (or a family member) that the form needed to be completed? Soon census takers will be showing up at your doorstep. First and foremost, check identification for the safety of your residents. Do you have a plan so this task goes smoothly? If a resident with Alzheimer’s or other dementia hasn’t been counted by mail, how will this situation be handled when a census taker arrives?

Finally, let your residents be aware of possible scams that are piggybacking on top of the census. This is the only document that they need to fill out. I’ve heard that some people have received very “official” questionnaires asking specific questions after they returned their completed census. This is a task that must be done and it affects all our lives, however, it’s also time to be watchful to protect the long-term care population.

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