Healthcare reform


What are your feelings on healthcare reform?

Resident Pat
“I generally feel that when the government gets involved with something they mess it up. In regards to healthcare reform, I hear a lot of sound bites, but little specifics, which seem to be buried within pages upon pages of legalese. I feel like the whole thing was pushed through and I’m concerned about how the financial part will affect long-term care, which always seems to fall at the bottom of the priority list. My cynical side comes out, yet I remain trusting God.”

Resident Elizabeth
“Being only slightly aware of the healthcare reform bill, which was recently passed and we have yet to feel any of the effects, it’s difficult for me to express in full just how and in what ways it will touch me personally. In regards to the future I’ve heard a number of objections already raised to me that says we may be in for more changes down the road. This bill as it stands may not yet be the be all and end all on this topic. In this event, how can anyone verbalize any opinions on its future? Politicians may like to think they can please all of the people all of the time. However, we all know that is not possible.”

Resident Sue
“I’m for it because so many people don’t have insurance. It would help getting medicine at a cheaper rate. The idea that doctors get paid for cures and wellness instead of treatment and sickness is brilliant.”

Resident Delores
“I don’t really know too much about what the healthcare reform is I just hope that it is not something that is going to affect my home here at Signature HealthCARE of Greeneville. If it had not been for this facility I would not have been walking again. Just a few weeks ago I was given the option to discharge and go home, but I chose to stay here. This is not just a nursing home, it is my home.”

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