Golden Living Launches Consulting Pharmacy Services Company

Nursing home provider Golden Living has established an in-house consulting pharmacy company—Golden Clinical Rx Services—which will focus on improving medication safety and patient outcomes.

The pharmacy is based on an innovative clinical pharmacist model that will make certified geriatric pharmacists part of the interdisciplinary clinical teams that care for Golden LivingCenter patients and will leverage technology to improve patient outcomes.

“Managing medications is a complex process, especially for patients of skilled nursing facilities, many of whom have chronic conditions and are prescribed multiple drugs,” said Robert Warnock, DPh, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Golden Living. “Making pharmacists part of our interdisciplinary clinical teams will better ensure the safe and appropriate use of medications for Golden LivingCenter patients.”

Golden Living pilot studies have shown that this approach, which Golden Living says is “unique” to the long-term care field, has helped reduce falls, rehospitalizations, medication errors, and the number of medications that patients are prescribed.

In addition to ensuring that Golden LivingCenters are in compliance with federal regulations, Golden Living pharmacists and pharmacy assistants with Golden Clinical Rx Services will be accountable for improving patient outcomes.

Using the Almaga Unified Intelligence System (UIS) data management system and other technologies, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in Clinical Intervention Centers will remotely monitor patients’ medications. Golden Clinical Rx pharmacists and pharmacy assistants will review patient records before patients are admitted to a LivingCenter. Specifically, pharmacy teams will assess patients’ medications and work to address any questions with patients’ physicians or the dispensing pharmacy.

Once a patient is admitted, dedicated LivingCenter pharmacists will work closely with LivingCenter clinicians to monitor patients’ medications and conditions and make recommendations to improve medication regimens. The company said these recommendations may also help reduce drug costs.

Golden Living will continue to work with its contracted consultant pharmacy services while rolling out in-house pharmacy services to all LivingCenters across the next three years. Golden Clinical pharmacists have already begun working with LivingCenters in the Atlanta and Pittsburgh regions.

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