Global wound care sales reach $15 billion; 7% growth expected in 2011

The world market for wound care products grew 6.2 percent in 2010—reaching $14.9 billion in revenues—and can expect to grow nearly 7 percent this year, according to a new report from healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information.

Aside from the aging of the world’s population and the growing number of people with diabetes, new wound care approaches and innovations are the greatest factors driving market growth. Popular technologies include therapy using vacuums, moist dressings and novel ingredients such as silver and honey.

“Conventional, mature products continue to generate the majority of sales; however, their growth rate is slow and limited by the maturity of the product and the competition,” said Mary Ann Crandall, wound care analyst for Kalorama, in a release. “Advancements in biotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering are expected to drive growth.”

Negative pressure wound therapy devices, which create a vacuum around the wound area for healing, continue to see sales growth. Moist dressings using hydrocolloids, which are intended to stick to wounds and avoid drying them out; or hydrogels, which help sooth nerve endings, are also “product categories-to-watch,” according to the report.

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