Getting everything organized

I’ve written in this blog that my move has been difficult. But the transition is not over. I still have furniture, electronics, clothing, and other items in my storage unit 70 miles away. When I moved, I intended to go back to visit friends at my former nursing home and go to my storage unit. Then I could bring back things I need, decide how to dispense with the rest, and set a timetable to close the storage unit.

However, after an October trip there for medical treatment, I realized three hours were used just for travel and there was no time for to get a meal, visit, and go through storage.

My sister and a friend have been trying to empty the storage unit a little at a time. Even though my sister has taken and sent photos of my things, I still feel I am out of the loop. Most of my office furniture was also stored. I have no printer or scanner here, although there is enough room for both.

I am not planning a trip to storage in the near future. Winter weather is now becoming a factor as is the lack of daylight. My belongings may actually be there until next summer. It’s frustrating because there some things I could be using right now, and it’s maddening that I can do little about it myself. I also miss my friends at my former facility and I really want to see them, but they know it is a long trip.

Even though I left a forwarding address at my former post office, mail was slow catching up with me. I thought my Social Security payments would take a while to be transferred even though social services at this facility helped by calling them. I e-mailed the business manager that I would get a local checking account where any checks I received could be deposited. However, after I opened the checking account, I never updated her with an e-mail explaining the account number.

In the beginning of November I told my sister that I hadn’t received any checks and she came to help track down the funds. We discovered that the business manager had everything from my former facility, including my October Social Security and the remainder of the funds in my personal account.

The business manager told my sister she was waiting for me to give her a bank account number while I was waiting to find out where my check was. The fact that the business manager travels between facilities made it more challenging. My sister picked up the funds and deposited them on her way home.

Miscellaneous care

I have arranged to see an oncologist who is in Columbus, a bit closer. I also need to find a couple of other physician specialists as well as a dentist in the area.

Since WiFi here was a little slow, I got of 3G card through a phone company. The increased speed is much better. I still need to remove some files for my computer and find a computer tech to update my RAM.

On top of all that, I need to locate a reputable mechanic for a winter check of my van. But I will not be able to get that done until after Thanksgiving.

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