Front porch days are dwindling

The beginning of September and its cooler mornings remind residents that their days on the facility’s front porch will be over soon. This summer many residents have been outside for part of most sunny days. A few residents sat on the porch swings for hours either visiting with family or just enjoying the fresh air.

Some residents sat in the direct sun getting a lovely shade of tan while also lifting their moods. One resident who is able tends to the bird feeders, filling them and righting those that were knocked over by a sudden storm. He also lounges in a chair at the end of the front porch with his legs tanning in the sunshine.

There is one female resident who loves warm weather and spends a great amount of time out in it. You can find her at either end of the long walk snoozing in the sun. Or she might be on the main walk chatting with whoever might be out there. Her skin is the color of a golden berry right now.

Another male resident naps outside in his cozy corner at the end of the building.

The semi rural area is quite lovely. The day lilies have bloomed continuously and the state route offers a constant flow of traffic.

With our warmest days probably ever, it will not be long before residents spend more days indoors than out. They will miss not being able to escape to their outdoor place, where they can get away for a bit of peace and quiet.

In this part of Ohio, during most months of the year, there is usually one day that residents can go outside, at lease for a little while, to enjoy the sunshine. That will serve as a respite and remind them that another summer will come around again.

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