Favorite recreation


Which activities do you love the most?

Resident Charlotte

Signature HealthCARE of Greeneville


“Going out to eat at Ryan’s Buffet is my favorite activity because we get to take a trip and enjoy just about every kind of food imaginable. The bus ride and the fresh air are great and I get to share a good meal with my friends from the facility. There are so many wonderful activities at the facility that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do look forward to our trips to Ryan’s.”

Resident Rozell

Surrey Place Care Center


“My favorite activity is crocheting and I like to make things and give them to my family and friends. I have been crocheting ever since I was 17 years old and I have taught other people to crochet. I have made dolls, bedspreads, afghans, and doilies and many things—too many to mention. My daughter bought some thread at a yard sale and this pattern (at right) that I have always wanted was in the bottom of the bag. It was the Lord’s Prayer. I have made two wall hangings—one for my church and one for the chapel here. I have just finished crocheting a bedspread for my son and some shams. I crocheted a bedspread for each of my children. My next projects are four placemats, a hat, and several other items.”

Resident Frances

Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center


“My favorite activity is arts and crafts. I’ve always loved painting and since I became a resident of Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center, I’ve learned new ways to paint, like painting on rocks. I also enjoy working with clay and making beads for jewelry.”

Resident Dorothy

Kenilworth Care & Rehabilitation Center


“My favorite activity is balloon volleyball because it puts my whole body to work and keeps my figure in shape. This activity is very physical. Arts and crafts I really enjoy. Even though my vision isn’t very good, we all come together and help each other. We go on lots of outings in our community. We are very lucky to have our community neighborhood school children come into our home and have a great time. I love those kids; they are precious and they remind me of when my own kids were small. All activities are beloved, [but my favorite] is reading. The activities department supplies me with books on tape. [I also like] bingo, working with beads, and parachute exercise because, as I said before, it keeps my figure on the line. This is my ‘HOME SWEET HOME’.”

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