Editorial lineup for September issue

Look forward to these features in the upcoming issue:

· Long-Term Living’s prestigious OPTIMA Award has found a new recipient. Editor Maureen Hrehocik gives us a firsthand look at a facility’s revolutionary dining program that is worthy of joining the OPTIMA ranks.

· Telemedicine treatment for Parkinson’s disease aims to end the logistical nightmares patients experience.

· MDS 3.0 is coming sooner than you’d expect. The time to prepare staff is now.

Plus: The results of our People Making a Difference in Long-Term Care contest are in! Learn about these five exceptional people who work the trenches daily, ensuring quality of care is priority #1.

New: Long-Term Living is debuting the monthly column of seasoned blogger Kathleen Mears! Located on the final page of every issue, Kathleen will take you through her world as a resident in a Southeastern Ohio nursing home. Don’t miss out on her wonderful insights!

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