Dude Solutions launches mobile device management

Dude Solutions, Cary, N.C., has launched a new platform for remote management of mobile devices. The new functionality, now part of the company’s Technology Management suite, will help IT administrators control security policies and monitor how mobile devices are being used.

The growing number of mobile devices—both corporately assigned and employee-owned—has increased the need for a diverse portfolio of management tools for assets-on-the-go. The ability to set separate policies for bring-your-own devices (BYOD) and company digital assets gives greater control over what data is being used and shared over which devices and by whom.

“The mobile era has brought many productivity and efficiency gains into the workplace, but IT teams are rightfully concerned about the impact and vulnerability mobile devices present —especially in education, healthcare and government organizations, or any setting where there are privacy concerns,” says Eric Zoetmulder, Dude Solutions’ vice president of product strategy, in a company announcement. “We developed our MDM solution to simplify the process of managing mobile devices no matter whether it is a personal device, corporate-issued device or part of a hybrid program.”

Topics: Technology & IT