Fresh faces on the LTL blog

Mitchell S. Elliott, AIA

Mitch is a great friend of Long-Term Living and served on this year's DESIGN jury. He is chief development officer at Vetter Health Services and serves as vice-president of the Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE).

Luke Fannon

It seems providers can never get enough solid advice on marketing. Enter Luke Fannon, founder and principal at Premier Coaching and Training in Unionville, Pa., who specializes in delivering sales and marketing training to healthcare professionals.

Susan Misiorski, RN, BSN

Sue is PHI's director of training and organizational development services and will be sharing excerpts from the organization's Business of Caregiving case studies on employers who illustrate a “quality care through quality jobs” approach to long-term care.

Jason E. Bring, Esq.

Bring, a member of the Healthcare Group at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, touched on the False Claims Act in our June issue and is following up with posts on other FCA cases and legal matters.

NIC's seniors housing update

In 1Q11, overall nursing care occupancy was 88.5 percent, which is an improvement of 10 basis points from the prior quarter. Certain regions across the U.S. have performed better than others, with the Northeast seemingly the least impacted by the recession. Read more at

Tweet of the month From @paula_span: The Gang of Six targets the Class Act. Somewhere, Ted Kennedy weeps. #NewOldAge

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