Changing the color of nursing home rooms

My room was last painted five years ago. It is supposed to be a cookie dough type of color, but it looks a bit darker than that. It was quite a change from the white, semi-gloss paint that was on my walls before.

I can understand that facilities like uniformity of color. But I do not think that all rooms need to be the same color. In fact, they have found here that mixing small batches of matching paint for touch ups in rooms caused the newer color to stick out. It just did not blend in.

So I would advocate letting the residents have some input into the color choices for their rooms. I do not think they should be allowed to make outlandish choices like bright orange or hunter green. But I do think they could choose from the light side of the color wheel.

In the last several years I have looked at several different colors for my room. I want a color change because the present color makes me feel sad. I think brighter or lighter colors help the psyche. All my bedrooms from childhood were some shade of yellow, except this one. Light colors help me think. What do you think about residents being able to choose the color for their rooms?

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