Celebrating success in LTC

Our long, hot summer has finally come to an end and I’m not just talking about the weather. For months providers have felt the heat from Medicare budget cuts, the debt ceiling drama, falling nursing home stocks and eroded consumer confidence. I say bring on fall’s crisp coolness because, frankly, we could use an invigorating shot of change.

So how about some good news? Check out our 2011 OPTIMA Award winner, Villa Crest Nursing and Retirement Center of Manchester, N.H. The community and its resident-centered care program are featured on page 34. OPTIMA Award stories are uplifting and fun to report. Villa Crest’s long-time administrator, Sarah McEvoy, and food service supervisor Manny Perry were excited to share with us their culture change journey. And the award has provided a nice boost to their community’s already lively spirit-for team members and residents alike.

On another positive note, Long-Term Living welcomes its new Editorial Advisory Board members (listed below), including some of the most influential names in the long-term care community. I’m sure you’ll recognize many of them. These esteemed administrators, educators, clinicians and businesspeople will help us identify the trends and issues that affect you and guide us in our coverage of those trends and issues. Many regularly contribute to Long-Term Living and I look forward to tapping their knowledge and expertise. And, as always, I invite you to contribute to the long-term care conversation as well.

Long-Term Living 2011 September;60(9):4

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