Caught caring

My friend Megan works as an aide at the nursing home where I used to live. When she began working there in 2007, she told me at previous facilities before she became an aide, she had worked in dietary, housekeeping, laundry, and even filled in for the vacationing maintenance man. She was invaluable as an aide when I lived there.

One administrator met with her weekly to find out what was going on that she could not see. I often saw Megan and the administrator talking one-on-one. Everybody depended on Megan. If they needed help motivating another aide, or assistance with resolving a conflict, or even with a way to tweak a care plan, they came to Megan.

The nursing home was struggling before I left. Several years later it was sold and now has a different owner. I have never asked how things were going. I hear from Megan from time to time usually around my birthday in September and during the holidays. Megan endeavors to keep me in contact with a female resident who still lives at that facility.

A month or so ago Megan e-mailed me to say that she had won The Care Award. I had never heard of such an award but I thought if anybody deserves it Megan certainly does. She told me they have a program where staff, residents, and visitors, fill out cards when they catch an aide or other staff member caring. Apparently if an employee accumulates enough of these caught caring cards he/she is rewarded by the company.

Megan received an all-expense paid trip for two to the Bahamas this year. She told me she was so surprised. I do not know if she has ever been outside the country or been that far away. She told me she has some planning to do and some clothing to buy.

I certainly agree with this idea. I feel employees who do a good job need to be reinforced and rewarded—particularly those who go over and above what their job requires.

Topics: Leadership , Staffing