Could your LTC community use an extreme makeover?

With an abundance of aging senior housing stock on the market, including skilled nursing facilities dating back to the 1970s or earlier, I bet many of you are nodding your heads in response to the question I posed.

Hulking nurse stations, double-loaded corridors, inadequate lighting, institutional furnishings—the opportunities for upgrades are endless. You may even have plans to update your spaces and a budget to boot but have yet to secure a designer or architect.

Well here’s your chance to realize your community’s design potential with RESCUE ME—a program created by our sister publication, Environments for Aging, to bring communities and designers together to demonstrate the impact of renovated space in the LTC environment.

Here’s how it works: Organizations may participate by submitting a proposal for renovation within the following categories: resident rooms, activity/wellness areas, dining venues and public spaces (courtyards, corridors, lounges, etc.). Each submission should include photos of the space, a floor plan, approximate budget, a narrative describing how the space is used and a wish list for the renovation.

Our editorial team and advisory board will select submissions to post on our website. Architects and designers will then have the opportunity to choose which projects they wish to rescue. A jury of experts in the LTC design field will review the design concepts and those that pass muster will be forwarded to the facility's team for their internal review. The facility chooses which project best meets their needs and the winners will be published online.

Facilities profiled have the option to remain anonymous so don’t let any hesitation over the world seeing your less-than-lovely “before” photos hold you back from participating.

The due date for submissions is September 14. There is no fee for submitting a project. Click here for more details on the program, submission criteria and judging process. Good luck!


Topics: Design