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NCAL names 2017 top assisted living caregivers

July 20, 2017  |  newswire

The National Center for Assisted Living lauds this year's award winners for exemplary assisted living care and programs.

House authorizes $400M for Alzheimer’s research

July 20, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

The House Appropriations Committee has approved a $400 million increase in dementia research at the National Institutes of Health for fiscal year 2018.

Five Star bets on wellness, rebrands rehab division

July 20, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

The senior care chain has reshaped its footprint in wellness services for health maintenance and rehabilitation therapy.

Seniors underrepresented in clinical drug trials

July 18, 2017  |  Kaiser Health News

A recent Food and Drug Administration analysis found it’s difficult to practice evidence-based medicine for seniors because there isn’t enough data on how treatments may affect them. 

Gait and cognitive decline

July 17, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Gait slowing and cognitive decline have a lot in common, especially the hippocampus, according to U. Pitt researchers.

Secret hiding place

July 17, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears discovers empty wrappers for missing snacks on her roommate’s side of their shared space. 

Memory masterpieces

July 14, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

College students are empowering people with dementia to create works of art through a university program that’s opening minds—and hearts.

The volunteer perspective on making memory masterpieces

July 14, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Art is more than just beauty in the eye of the beholder. It’s a working experience that can draw out the humanity in everyone—even people with dementia. 

Connecting seniors and children through technology

July 13, 2017  | 

A program pairs up senior living residents with elementary students to capture their life stories using digital devices. 

Protecting seniors from heat stroke risk

July 13, 2017  |  the National Institute on Aging

The sweltering summer months can be dangerous for older adults, especially if they have chronic diseases, high blood pressure or obesity.

Diabetes and dementia risks

July 11, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

A medication for type 2 diabetes called metformin is the subject of a study exploring the possible effects of the drug on the development of dementia.

TBI and neurodegenerative diseases

July 11, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Researchers in Finland are studying whether traumatic brain injuries increase the risks of developing neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or ALS later in life.


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