The 2017 OPTIMA Award winner for Excellence in Memory Care

I Advance Senior Care is proud to announce the winner of the inaugural OPTIMA Award for Excellence in Memory Care. Read More »

And the 2017 OPTIMA Award winners are…

I Advance Senior Care is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 OPTIMA Award for Excellence in Resident-Focused Care and this year’s new award, the OPTIMA Award for Excellence in Memory Care. Read More »

Singer-songwriter Glen Campbell dies of Alzheimer’s at 81

Despite 21 Top 40 hits, dozens of albums and several appearances on the silver screen, the music legend may end up being best known for his brave and open approach to his own disease. Read More »

Dementia diagnosis affects outlook on life

Penn Medicine researchers have found that a dementia diagnosis can cause people with the neurodegenerative disease to report lower self-assessments on their quality of life.  Read More »

Tufts report: Statewide efforts needed for dementia-friendly communities

The extensive demographic analysis examines Massachussetts' readiness to care for its growing population of older adults. How would your state fare under the report's recommendations? Read More »

Remembering America’s pastime

A new reminiscence therapy helps take people with dementia remember to root, root, root for the home team. Read More »

NCCDP names memory care CNA of the Year

This year's winner is changing the face of memory care in Connecticut. Read More »

Sleep apnea and cognitive decline

Sleep-disordered breathing may affect cognition, especially in those who carry the APOE-4 gene, thought to be a genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's. Read More »

UC Davis awarded $14M to study Alzheimer’s in Latinos

The university will lead a 10-site examination of risk factors and the role of genetics in cognitive decline among Latinos. Read More »

House authorizes $400M for Alzheimer’s research

The House Appropriations Committee has approved a $400 million increase in dementia research at the National Institutes of Health for fiscal year 2018. Read More »

Gait and cognitive decline

Gait slowing and cognitive decline have a lot in common, especially the hippocampus, according to U. Pitt researchers. Read More »

Memory masterpieces

College students are empowering people with dementia to create works of art through a university program that’s opening minds—and hearts. Read More »

The volunteer perspective on making memory masterpieces

Art is more than just beauty in the eye of the beholder. It’s a working experience that can draw out the humanity in everyone—even people with dementia.  Read More »

Diabetes and dementia risks

A medication for type 2 diabetes called metformin is the subject of a study exploring the possible effects of the drug on the development of dementia. Read More »

TBI and neurodegenerative diseases

Researchers in Finland are studying whether traumatic brain injuries increase the risks of developing neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or ALS later in life. Read More »

Mind games

Researchers are reaching for new levels using video games technology for dementia treatments Read More »

Game on!

Daily memory games help keep the brain in shape. Read More »

The challenges of Alzheimer’s research

Why is dementia research so complex? Why don't we have a cure yet? Many researchers now think the most important part of the dementia story comes long before symptoms appear. Read More »

Dementia present long before memory loss

New research published in JAMA found people can have Alzheimer’s disease many years before cognitive impairment sets in, meaning disease estimates could be way off. Read More »

Cleveland Clinic launches $6M consortium to research Lewy Body dementia

Does Lewy Body Dementia have a biological calling card? Cleveland Clinic is launching a national consortium to find out. Read More »

One-on-one with…Annette Gunnerson

Annette Gunnerson, the National Association of Activity Professional’s 2017 Activity Professional of the year, reflects on her nearly 30 years in long-term care and the increasing attention being paid to activities planning to improve the quality of life for residents, especially those with dementia. Read More »

Dementia researchers test new brain imaging technology

Advances in medical imaging allow researchers to see brain tissue destruction and the presence of telltale biomarkers of cognitive disease. But what if you could capture both in a single image? Read More »

Genetic risk and poor diet could lead to memory loss

New research suggests a relationship with diet and plaque for those with the ApoE4 gene mutation. Read More »

Minorities hardest hit by Alzheimer’s disease

While U.S. Alzheimer’s rates are increasing for all races, the rates of the disease are skyrocketing for Latinos and African-Americans. Read More »

Lessons from Mary

Mary L. Radnofsky, PhD, is helping caregivers reassess how they think about dementia and how they interact with residents who have cognitive decline. And as a person with a neurodegenerative disease, she should know. Read More »

Coloring for a connection

A new coloring book from Maria Shriver is designed to help people with dementia bond with loved ones.  Read More »

Experts issue new Lewy body dementia guidelines

The Dementia with Lewy Bodies Consortium has updated its diagnostic and management recommendations after more than a decade. Read More »

A look through their eyes

What does your facility's interior space look like to a person with dementia? Two senior living design experts discuss common pitfalls that can can confuse residents with cognitive challenges and jeopardize their safety. Read More »