NV nurse charged with refusing to help resident after a fall

A Nevada nurse has been arrested and is facing charges of elder abuse for refusing to help a resident who had fallen and for ordering co-workers not to assist.

Kay M. Anderson, 66, was working in the memory care unit of the Carson Valley Residential Care Center, an assisted living facility in Gardnerville, Nevada, when the resident, known to be unsteady on her feet and a falls risk, fell out of her wheelchair. According to reports from co-workers, Anderson told the other caregivers not to help. Anderson allegedly wanted the resident to fall so the facility would have an excuse to move her out of the unit, according to co-worker statements in the police report.

Anderson faces charges of deliberately placing a resident in an unsafe situation that could cause physical pain and mental suffering.

Read the full story in the (Nevada) Record-Courier.


Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia , Risk Management