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Fit middle-aged women less likely to develop dementia later in life

March 16, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Researchers are hoping that by studying the brains of “super-agers" they’ll be able to unlock the secrets to sharp memory in old age.

Audiences consistently appreciate senior-targeted entertainers

March 14, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

You've heard of the rodeo circuit, the lecture circuit and the vaudeville circuit. Now there's a new show business niche: the silver circuit.

Startups compete, vie to improve quality of life for aging citizens

February 28, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

The Aging Startup Challenge finals were held at TreeHouse Health, an innovation center on the edge of downtown Minneapolis.

The right times to raise concerns in a nursing home

January 31, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

"My older sister is recently moved into a long-term care home. It seems to us that the staff was very attentive and very nice when she first arrived, but they aren’t so much anymore."

Going for the gold(en age): teens give dementia residents their own Olympic event

January 26, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Residents compete in modified biathlon, luge, bobsleigh events.

Center uses spa treatments to suppress dementia outbursts

January 17, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

A new program at an area nursing home uses touch and spa-like treatments to bring comfort to its end-of-life residents.

How people can better select an assisted living facility

January 17, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

If you are considering assisted living for you or a loved one, the decision can be overwhelming.

All arts can be beneficial for those with dementia

January 16, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

New research has shown that engaging in the arts may be just as beneficial as exercise.

Mood-boosting activities

January 5, 2018  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

What’s good for the mood may also be good for the brain, so engaging residents is key, especially during the dark days of winter. 

2018 resolutions worth keeping

December 28, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A California senior living provider asks residents their goals for the year ahead.

Pet therapy is for the birds

December 27, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Senior living providers are learning a bird in the hand is worth a lot to seniors who suffer from loneliness.

’Tis the season

December 22, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

SNF resident blogger Kathy Mears reminisces of holidays past spent at nursing homes, a reminder that this may be the most difficult time of year for some residents. 


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