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The Many Benefits of Strategic Rounds

May 11, 2018  |  Amy Stewart, RN, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, RAC-MT

By following the practical approaches to rounding described in this article, you can maximize what you learn about care delivery and achieve the greatest results. 

Oklahoma looks to hire nurses as health care inspectors

May 21, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Hospitals, surgical centers, nursing homes, home health agencies and other medical providers have to undergo regular inspections if they want to receive payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Nursing home workers still waiting for wage increases in Massachusetts

May 18, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Following several extensions and lapsed deadlines, 12 nursing homes are still not in compliance with state regulations, according to the report from the state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

New Jersey refocuses on oversight and care in nursing homes

May 15, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Legislators were focused on improving oversight and care in nursing homes and of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients Thursday as a string of health care bills got approval in committees this past week.

Montana's booming senior population must be met with an increase in skilled care nursing homes

May 14, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Care facilities for the elderly, staffed with skilled medical technicians and trained nurses, will be in increasing demand in Montana as more and more Baby Boomers enter their golden years.

Welltower, ProMedica to purchase HCR ManorCare

April 27, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

ProMedica CEO Randy Oostra has long felt that his company needed to look outside its traditional footprint to keep pace with the evolving nature of healthcare.

Ohio nursing home residents: 1 in 5 are under 65 years old

April 20, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Nursing homes in Ohio are seeing younger residents use the facilities, with one in five long-stay Medicaid residents below the age of 65, according to a study from Miami University’s Scripps Gerontology Center.

Nursing homes may be illegally refusing residents in need of addiction treatment

April 19, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Nursing facilities routinely turn away patients seeking post-hospital care if they are taking medicine to treat opioid addiction, a practice that legal experts say violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Texas nursing home destroyed in explosion gets brand new facility

April 18, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Five years after the West fertilizer plant explosion, a nursing home that was destroyed in the blast has regained a sense of normalcy thanks to the resilience and pride in the community.

Issues in Nebraska and Kansas nursing homes may affect facilities and patients nationwide

April 17, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

A Wood-Ridge-based company that owns or operates more than 100 nursing homes around the country has failed to make payroll in Nebraska and Kansas, leading regulators to take over 36 homes serving thousands of patients.

Nebraska employees of facilities in receivership receive paychecks

April 11, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

About 1,650 nursing home workers in Nebraska whose employer failed to pay them last month received paychecks this week, according to the court-appointed receiver managing the facilities.

Nebraska assisted living and nursing home employees not paid

April 1, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

Ten assisted living facilities and 21 nursing homes are now in receivership after the state's Department of Health and Human Services says employees didn't get paid.



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