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Risk Management

Pa. to provide training, support for family caregivers

April 20, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

New legislation will help family members who care for senior loved ones at home following hospital discharge. 

Rehab center sued for failure to report sex abuse

April 2, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

A former nursing assistant is in all kinds of trouble over sexual abuse and harassment, and the provider that hired him is feeling the pain, too.

Top 10 patient safety concerns for 2017: ECRI Institute

March 16, 2017  |  ECRI Institute

Electronic Health Record information management tops the list of this year's key patient safety issues across all healthcare sectors, but assisted living and skilled nursing facilities are directly involved in three other items on the list.

CMS' new emergency preparedness rules

March 15, 2017  |  Stan Szpytek

The clock is ticking on compliance with the new CMS emergency preparedness requirements. Safety expert Stan Szpytek breaks down the new regs and explains why your current assessments and training probably aren't going to be enough.

ECRI launches remote patient monitoring consulting service

March 7, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

The new service can help providers with everything from determining which patients will benefit most from monitoring to choosing the best technology tools.

Guarded purse strings

March 6, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears manages her money with a close eye to keep track of her own spending and to make sure someone isn’t spending her money. 

Caregiver fired for behavior toward resident with dementia

March 2, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A nursing home employee was fired and faces criminal charges for a sexually provocative dance directed at a resident with dementia.

Senior living community kitchen closed following health inspection

February 28, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Florida state food safety inspectors shut down a Brookdale facility’s kitchen after finding roaches, flies and improper food storage techniques. 

California considers senior LGBT Bill of Rights

February 17, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

The California State Legislature will consider a bill to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) seniors living in long-term care from gender-based discrimination. 

Avoiding legal claims in assisted living

February 15, 2017  |  Nancy Reynolds, Esq.

Assisted living facilities can get in hot water legally if they provide care that exceeds the assisted living level.

Domestic dispute unfolds at nursing home

January 27, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Nursing home staff and law enforcement put training into practice and followed procedures after a man entered the secured facility and threatened violence. 

Therapy billing fraud: When will LTC learn?

January 19, 2017  |  Tom Ealey

Providers who overbill or fudge their therapy services are on the DOJ’s radar more than ever. So why is there still so much therapy billing fraud?


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