Care conferences, resident council


How often do you attend care conferences and/or resident council meetings?

Resident Judy

Signature HealthCARE of Fentress County


“My son and I attend all of the care plan meetings. I can find out what they are planning and I can see them carry the plans out. Also, the resident council is a place I can express my needs and talk about all the things that are going well with me. The resident council makes me feel part of the family.”

Signature HealthCARE of Georgetown


“I participate in my care plan meetings about two or three times a month. The girls bring me a letter. I appreciate being asked to attend and to have a say with how they all care for me. I know everyone around here knows how to care for me. I go to the resident council meetings when I feel like I want to choose the meal of the month and to see what’s going on. I get upcoming activities and updates about this place at the council.”

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