Broken hearts and death panels

Perhaps my favorite philosophers, the Bee Gees, said it best. How can you mend a broken heart? How can a loser ever win?


It’s hard to write something even remotely amusing about long-term care when the Vancouver Canucks just lost the Stanley Cup. It might even be impossible. My heart is broken. My city is burning. 40 years of mediocrity and disappointment could have been exorcised forever last night. It was not.


I kept hoping the overwhelmed Canucks would suddenly peel off their jerseys and reveal superhero outfits underneath. But alas, even the Dancing Grandmas who pulled that trick in New York recently couldn’t have saved them.


The Times Square flash mob publicity stunt was organized by the 3in4 Association, an apparently non-profit advocacy group pushing the importance of long-term care insurance. Now they’re on a bus tour of the United States, and I hope they steer clear of Sarah Palin’s bus. She’d round those fake Grandmas up and have their lives theatrically extinguished by dancers dressed as Medicare Death Danel members.

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