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How and why to track your leads

October 16, 2009
by ddavis
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Where do your residents come from?

Most senior housing providers will tell you they find residents in their geographic region. How people find them isn’t a mystery. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as Yardi help keep track of where those residents and prospects originate.

There is an inherent problem with that.

A local marketing director for a senior housing community and myself have a cordial relationship. One day, I asked him how he keeps track of his prospects.

His response?

“As best I can.”

His dilemma is not an unusual one. He’s a one-man show. Sure, they have a lead tracking system. But the problem is, he has to enter that information manually. This means remembering specific details of a prospect, potentially after three or four back-to-back tours on a busy day. He can rely on notes to a certain extentbut there will always be gaps and missing information.

Couple that with the information you manage to capture from a phone lead and it should be fairly obvious where the problems arise. While having too many prospects, particularly in our current climate, is not a major issue for most. Finding ways to properly manage the prospects you have can be.

Knowing which of your sources are providing the best return can save you moneyboth now and later. Most often, the Internet is the most affordable source of leads. But the trick once you move to the Web is finding people in your neighborhoodon the Internet. Finding local prospects online isn’t a phenomenon specific to senior housing.