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Google Local Business Listings are worth your time

March 16, 2010
by ddavis
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Let’s start at the beginning. What are Google Local Business Listings?

Google describes it as a way to customize business listings on Google and Google Maps. These listings differ from organic or pay-per-click listings as they are attached to the only visual on the page—a map.

Example: Assisted Living, Dallas.

What then appears is a large map from Google Maps, which includes up to seven URLs with phone numbers by each. If more than seven listings are needed, the user can click in “More Results from Dallas” and be taken to a map with an alphabetical listing of each registered Assisted Living service on Google Maps.

Why they matter

Local online search is huge. According to Search Engine Land 2009 data:

  • 14 billion queries were posted per month on major search engines
  • 20-40% of those search queries had “local intent”
  • That’s 300-600 million local search queries per month on search engines—and that doesn’t include Maps

Numbers aside, Google Local Listings matter because:

  1. Searching for Seniors Housing is usually tied to a specific geographic location.
  2. They are displayed more often in search with up to seven listings before organic listings even start.
Why they’re worth your time

Creating your listing will help your prospects find you online. After developing your Web site, Google Local Business Listings effectively jumpstarts your online presence by getting your community found on the Web. While the process takes time to do properly, the benefits are worth the effort:

  • places your business in the Maps section of Google, helping tie your search results to your offline location
  • may boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings in the organic section as well, where more than 80% of searches take place
  • may improve your Page Rank, increasing your chances to reach more prospects with online paid advertising

How they’re created