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Poll Comments: Residents' Economic Stimulus Checks

July 8, 2008
by D80299AB235D4106A01E691D4370777B
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Are your residents using their economic stimulus checks to pay for their care?


-That is their money to spend on their cares




I'm a resident at a facility and even after hearing about the Economic Stimulus law I still didn't feel that nursing home residents on SSDI would be eligible. I was approached by the facility business manager in March to ask whether I had filed the form for my Economic Stimulus check and I told her I hadn't. She explained that the facility could file on my behalf. I didn't understand quite how because I am my own power of attorney but I didn't ask questions and said go ahead and file.

I was told we would receive our checks in May. But I received nothing. I looked on the IRS web site and could not determine why I wasn't receiving my check. Then during June I received an envelope from the IRS. It contained the form signed by the facility's business manager stating that her signature was not a valid signature. I was shocked... I had no idea that he was signing the form herself. For some reason I thought that nursing homes would have a blanket form so they could file for all the residents. How silly of me the government is never that organized.

So I went online and e-filed my 1040 A form and sent in the signature form that is required by the IRS. I was notified within a few days by e-mail that the IRS had received my efiled form. I did receive my Economic Stimulus payment directly deposited into my checking account within about three weeks..

In the state of Ohio the Economic Stimulus payment is not considered income until two months after it is received. It may be spent on care or on anything that a resident wants.

the irs sent letters to some of our residents on Medi-Cal saying that their stimulus checks were applied to their outstanding tax balances - another unintended way of penalizing the most vulnerable who were *looking forward* to having some extra pocket money and making plans.

For any of our residents that are on Medicaid the Stimulus checks do not go to them. It is considered as an increase in income and so it goes towards their payment for their stay. So many don't even apply for the stimulus check because they will not be able to spend it.