Beating blizzards, the LTC way

This has been a brutal winter throughout most of the country with unrelenting snowfall, rushing floodwaters, and bitterly cold temperatures. I’m ready to file these past few months away. However, a newsletter I received from Montgomery Place, a retirement community in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, reminded me that no one gets through hard times alone.

The Montgomery Messenger, a lively, provocative resident-produced gazette, passed their kudos along to staff who worked hard and made the winter months bearable—and accessible. Director of Maintenance Bill Jansma soldiered through 6 to 8 inches of unplowed snow and then had to visit 19 stores to find a snow blower for the community. David George, a maintenance staffer, put in 12-hour day just removing snow to keep the paths and parking lots clear.

To make sure resident dining was undisturbed, staffers got up extra early to trudge through the snow or shovel their way to slowly and steadily get to work. Then there was Albert Pascual, Director of Food Services and Dining, who spent the night to arrange and prepare three daily meals for service in five dining rooms.

The community’s residents agreed that from top to bottom, Montgomery Place’s staff turned what could have been an uncomfortable situation into one where they “weathered the storm.”

Let me offer my congratulations and appreciation to all of you who were called upon this past winter to demonstrate your dedication and devotion to those you serve. Give yourself a pat on the back. And be thankful winter is almost at its end.

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