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Side-Entry Tub

Invacare TheraPure Side-Entry Tubs from Direct Supply feature innovative pipeless technology, allowing caregivers to quickly remove up to 99.9% of bacteria after each bath. All wetted components are easily accessible for quick and thorough disinfection, and caregivers enjoy easy access to auto-fill/auto-off and anti-scald mixing valve, thermometer and whirlpool jet controls.

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Full-Body Lift

Vancare’s Van-Turn lift increases self-confidence in residents who are able to use their own ability, resulting in both psychological and physiological advantages for everyone involved. The resident’s rehabilitation will improve their quality of life, while bringing a safer work environment for the caregiver. The Van-Turn’s base plate is extremely stable, with an ultra-low step-up height that eliminates the need for residents to lift their feet very high. The foot markers on the base make foot placement safe, simple and secure. Once the patient is standing, the patented steering wheels provide smooth transfers because the caregiver can easily maneuver the lift in tight spaces where sit-to-stand lifts become awkward.

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Spa System

Penner Manufacturing designed the Cascade Premier spa system to create a homelike environment in the bathing area. The unit’s features include a 26″ or 32″ LCD TV, DVD and a CD player. All of the spa controls are built into and hidden in the cabinetry, which also features a built-in reservoir for quick-fill capability. Color choices are available to match the desired needs of the facility or interior designer. Other spas available include the Penner Cascade Side-Entry or End-Entry, the Penner Pacific Spa and the Penner Cascade Alcove.

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Bathing Seat Lift

The Invacare® 1900 Bathing Seat Lift is designed for use with Invacare TheraPure 3652G and 3602GXL Free-Standing Side-Entry Bathing Tubs. Transfer residents from bed to bath and back in comfort, safety and dignity. The soft seat is warm to the touch and offers exceptional comfort and ease of cleaning.

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