Gary Tetz

Gary Tetz
Gary Tetz is multimedia consultant at Consonus Healthcare Services. He was a columnist for I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living from 2005-2012.

My healthcare success story

I just had a fantastic healthcare experience. I know you don’t hear that phrase a lot these days, but it’s absolutely true. A friendly welcome. Read More »


How much time do you spend in a typical day observing the departure area of your local airport? If you're like me, probably not a lot. For one Read More »

Customer service 101

When I returned to my hotel room in a large American city recently, something seemed wrong. I just had that queasy feeling. A quick inventory of my Read More »

The problem with a Medicaid obesi-fee

You’ve heard of a flat fee. Now wacky Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is proposing a fat fee—a $50 penalty on some enrollees in the state’s Medicaid program Read More »

Not so Easy Rider

Whenever I need to get some clarity in life, I have two choices: either visit a therapist or Canada in winter.   Not Vancouver, where I grew up. Read More »

A ‘Hero’ takes a fall

I don’t know where I’ve been, or under which rock I’ve been hiding, but I just learned that Guitar Hero will soon join pet rocks, Britney Spears, and Read More »

Grilled cheese and apologies

Editor’s note: This is the moment you’ve surely all been waiting for: Gary Tetz is now blogging for Long-Term Living. Be sure to look for his posts Read More »

Acceptibel Erurr

Here's a little nugget of inconvenient truth you won't find nestled in the lyrics of “Frosty the Snowman”-the holiday season is a perverse and Read More »

Just one more question

Like Lieutenant Columbo, the great TV detective, Long-Term Living columnist Gary Tetz (Funny You Should Ask) always has one more question. In this Read More »

A Glass Act

We've already lost confidence in our economy, government, news media, and eggs. Now at the risk of shattering your one remaining illusion, I'm going Read More »