Augustana Care pilots support program for post-rehab seniors

Augustana Care is collaborating with Lifesprk on a new program to offer long-term support for seniors following short-term rehabilitation. The two companies, both headquartered in the Minneapolis metro area, created the pilot program, called Augustana Care Connections, to provide support structures needed to transition older adults from rehabilitative stays to a safe and healthy life back at home.

By offering recovering seniors regular access to a care manager and services such as meal delivery and emotional/social supports, many older adults can avoid hospital visits and/or a possible move to assisted living, notes a Lifesprk press release on the program. Recently discharged seniors often need extra help with medication management and the psycho-social adjustments prompted by life changes, notes Lyn Lai, RN, who will be overseeing the program.

“Augustana Care Connections is about giving people the tools they need to avoid rehospitalization after a hospital stay and short-term rehabilitation at an Augustana Care community. Our goal is that patients enjoy longer, fuller and healthier lifestyles following their discharge,” says Tim Middendorf, Augustana’s Care Chief Operating Officer.

The program is free for participants from Augustana Care communities.

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