Association Offers 35,000 Walgreens Flu Shot Vouchers to Seniors in Upper Midwest

The American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest is offering 35,000 free Walgreens flu shot vouchers to older adults in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Influenza is responsible for an average of 226,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths annually, the association said in a release. Nearly 90% of those deaths occur among people 65-years of age and older. “Many older adults are not getting vaccinated due to missed opportunities,” the release said. “Some patients don’t ask to get vaccinated, and some doctors don’t even recommend it during a well or sick visit.”

Vouchers can be obtained over the phone at the association’s Lung Helpline, (800) 548-8252. They are redeemable at any Walgreens nationwide, but are in limited supply. The flu vaccines are valued at $30, for a total of $1,050,000 worth of vouchers.

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